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This client’s small backyard had to serve many functions for her and her tenants.  They enjoyed growing flowering plants and vegetables, but also wanted separate spaces for dining and relaxing.   The loss of two shade trees had changed the environment significantly.  Existing raised beds, already in the sunniest location, were left in place.   Wood chips from the downed trees were used to create paths around the raised beds and a patio closer to the porch steps.  There was now sufficient space remaining for a corner reading nook; it was partially enclosed by a low stacked-stone wall and shaded by a newly planted river birch.  This and other new trees will gradually replace the lost shade and privacy.

Concrete walkway and stone patio had fallen into disrepair and were to be replaced. The large shade tree had to be removed, changing significantly the local environment.
Removal of the shade tree gave space for a sitting nook separated from the rest of the yard by a low stacked-stone wall.
With no pathways around the vegetable beds, neighboring plants were encroaching on the beds and limiting access.
Wood chips from the felled shade tree were recycled into paths and patio. Patio is now more accessible from back steps.
Detail showing the stacked-stone wall with mortared top, and step and stepping stones from Pennsylvania steppers.
Detail showing full-color irregular bluestone walkway.

Patio and walkway were in need of repair. Shade tree was to be removed.

Patio, walkway and shade tree were all to be removed and replaced.

Tree removal created space for a sitting nook, raised slightly behind a low stone wall. Stepping stones replaced the concrete walkway.

Low stone wall separates raised sitting nook from rest of yard.

Overgrown plants limit access to vegetable beds, in part because the beds lacked surrounding paths.

Overgrown plants limit access to vegetable beds.

Wood chips from the shade tree used for vegetable bed paths and patio.

Wood chip paths around vegetable beds extended to form patio.

Detail showing stacked- stone wall with mortared top and Pennsylvania steppers forming step and path.

Detail: Stacked-stone wall with mortared top.

Detail showing full-color irregular bluestone walkway.

Detail: Full-color irregular bluestone walkway.

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