Sally J. Naish, Principal


Shade garden

Shady garden path

We are so excited for the garden this year and thankful, as ever, for your wonderful plans and assistance. – SEM, Lexington





Slope with waterfall

Rustic stone steps to waterfall

We’ve been spending more time out in the back and have been discovering new ways to enjoy it.  We continue to marvel at the way you took our wishes from our early meetings and came up with a design that was just what we wanted, but hadn’t even imagined.  Thank you so much.  – DB, Belmont




Pergola and patio

Wisteria-covered pergola

It’s been a while and it’s about time that we express our joy about our beautiful garden and to say Thank you for your design and ideas. We’ve enjoyed the development during the whole summer and we still have plenty of blooming.  We’re learning about the plants as time is passing, and also find butterflies and bumblebees as our new companions.  The water feature has contributed substantially by creating a new microenvironment attracting birds from spring through August for drinking and bathing. – ML, Waltham


Steps from patio

Bluestone steps from patio

We love the garden; it continues to bring us great pleasure year round – but especially now. The traditional roses have just bloomed, and the hybrids are coming on strong.  Everything is green and growing!  The stonework is beautiful. – NM, Arlington




Stone steps to under-deck storage meld with the stone-lined runnel and pond that skirt the patio.

Runnel and Pond

We want to thank you for the fantastic job you and your crew have done on our garden and driveway.  We love everything! The patio, arbor/trellis, driveway, pond and plantings are all beautiful. – GA, Arlington




Privacy in the making

Privacy in the making

Engaging in the design process with Sally was fascinating.  She led me to reflect on garden-related issues I hadn’t even considered before our initial meeting.  While the whole process from start to finish took several months, it gave me the time needed to research and assess what I really wanted.  The best part is that the final product has been beyond my wildest expectations! – ES, Arlington