Construction Aftermath

With home renovations complete, the clients were looking to reclaim their garden from construction debris to create inviting, relaxing spaces.  A custom arbor and trellis help screen the yard from the street and create an inviting entry garden. A wide bluestone walkway merges into the spacious patio partially enclosed by curved stone seat walls.  Beside the patio water flowing through a runnel to the pond provides a pleasant burbling sound.

Nothing separated the driveway from the back yard, which therefore lacked privacy from the street.
The custom arbor and trellis at the foot of the driveway effectively separate the backyard from the driveway and create not only screening from the street, but also an inviting entry garden.
Construction had damaged the lawn and limited access to the garden, so plants had become overgrown.
A generously-sized curving bluestone walkway and patio, and expanded planting beds have replaced much of the lawn.
Overgrown planting beds conceal the many interesting and native plants that they contain.
The garden bench, set into the planting bed and reached via stone steps from the patio, allows the garden to be viewed from a different angle.
Many shade-loving native plants are largely hidden from view in this overgrown corner.
Raising the patio by just a couple of steps gives a more expansive view of the planting beds that have been edited and reorganized.
Overgrown plants prevented access to the under-deck storage area.
Stone steps to under-deck storage meld with the stone-lined runnel and pond that skirt the patio.

Driveway opened directly into back yard, leaving yard exposed to street.

Back yard lacks privacy from driveway and street.

Custom arbor and trellis separate backyard from driveway and create inviting entry garden.

Custom arbor and trellis help screen back yard.

Construction has damaged the lawn, and planting beds have become overgrown.

Construction leaves rocks and rubble, damaged lawn and overgrown planting beds.

Lawn mostly replaced by curved bluestone walkway, patio and wider planting beds.

Most of lawn replaced by bluestone walkway, patio and expanded planting beds.

Planting beds have become overgrown and poorly defined.

Overgrowth hides many attractive plants.

A garden bench set into the planting bed provides a different view of the garden.

Garden bench provides different view of garden.

Shady corner nurtures many native plants hidden from view.

Shade-loving native plants hidden in dark corner.

Sized for relaxing and entertaining, the raised bluestone patio looks out on reorganized plantings.

Raised patio and reorganized planting beds makes plants more visible.

Under-deck storage inaccessible.

Access to under-deck storage was blocked by vegation.

Stepping stones lead from patio to under-deck storage and meld with stone-lined runnel and pond that skirt the patio.

Patio, skirted by runnel and pond, gives access to stepping stones to under-deck storage.

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