Sunny Public Garden

When the local branch library building was converted to the community media center, the new occupants wanted to turn the weedy front lawn into a demonstration garden of hardy, drought-tolerant plants for this full-sun location. Informal paths invite visitors to …view this project Sunny Public Garden

Reclaiming a Steep Back Yard

Hard to access and impossible to mow this steeply sloped back yard became inviting when informal wooden steps and a peastone path and patio were installed. The curves lead the eye throughout the space, especially when viewed from the balcony …view this project Reclaiming a Steep Back Yard

Creating a Welcoming Entry

An unsuccessful lawn beside the driveway was converted to a wide planting bed. The awkward and uneven stone pathway to the porch was reset and reconfigured to allow for the installation of an arbor to more clearly mark the entrance.

view this project Creating a Welcoming Entry

Urban Oasis

This 20 ft-square space had been paved with asphalt for parking. The clients were looking for a lush, private space in which to relax and entertain friends. Varieties of trees were carefully selected and strategically placed to provide appropriate screening …view this project Urban Oasis


Significant drainage remediation was required on this property before we could create the open play space in a woodland setting that these clients sought. Nothing stemmed the flow of storm water from the uphill properties; it pooled by the shed …view this project Remediation