Urban Living

Removal of the shade tree gave space for a sitting nook separated from the rest of the yard by a low stacked-stone wall.

This client’s small backyard had to serve many functions for her and her tenants. They enjoyed growing flowering plants and vegetables, but also wanted separate spaces for dining and relaxing. The loss of two shade trees had changed the environment …view this project Urban Living

Construction Aftermath

Stone steps to under-deck storage meld with the stone-lined runnel and pond that skirt the patio.

With home renovations complete, the clients were looking to reclaim their garden from construction debris to create inviting, relaxing spaces. A custom arbor and trellis help screen the yard from the street and create an inviting entry garden. A wide …view this project Construction Aftermath

MassRealty Feature Article

Our business was recently featured on MassRealty, one of the top sites for Massachusetts Real Estate, including condos, multi families, and townhouses for sale. You can read all about Designing Your Ideal Gardens in our interview here.

A Multi-Phase Project

Phase 1: peastone replaced stepping stones. Phase 2: shrubs added by conifers. Phase 3: Foundation bed developed and perennials planted.

While the completed landscape plan addressed the entire property, the installation is being undertaken in phases. This takes careful planning to ensure that access is maintained where needed and plantings in one phase are not undermined in subsequent phases. The …view this project A Multi-Phase Project

Front Entry and Barren Lawn Transformed

Wide curving stone walkway links front porch and driveway.

The yard of this recently built home still showed the mark of the builder’s hand: In front, no connection between front porch and driveway; foundation plantings poorly chosen. In back, a token tree tucked in a corner; otherwise, nothing but …view this project Front Entry and Barren Lawn Transformed